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AEM Wideband Gauge (UEGO) AEM 30-4100

AEM Wideband Gauge (UEGO) AEM 30-4100
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Part Number: 30-4100
Condition: New w/ Manufacture's Warranty
Manufacturer: AEM
Warranty: Authorized Dealer

AEM Wideband Gauge (UEGO) AEM 30-4100

AEM has a solution for an easy wideband air/fuel gauge.  The AEM 30-4100 or AEM UEGO is designed to allow you to fit this gauge into a standard 52mm gauge housing to be able to monitor your air fuel real time.  This unit comes with it's own wideband sensor and o2 sensor bung so you can easily install this into your downpipe or header to get accurate readings accurate to .1 air fuel ratio. 

Can't decide on a color? AEM throws in white and black faces plus black and silver bezels so you can put together the color combination you want.

The sensor that comes with this gauge is a Bosch 4.2, which ensures you get accurate reads and a sensor that has a reputation for reliability.  The gauge features a 0-5 volt analog output so you can hook it up to any data logger or just about any engine management system.

We highly recommend the AEM UEGO for those of you who have modified cars.  One of the most important aspects to a reliable tune is to ensure that your air fuel ratio is within the right range where it's not too lean and not too rich.  When it's too lean, the engine is starving of fuel and is running too hot.  The AEM UEGO can notify you of this, so you can ease off the throttle before damage occurs.  You can also run too rich, and flood your cylinder with fuel which will wash the piston walls of oil and cause damage to the motor.  With this gauge you can actively monitor your air fuel to ensure it's at the correct spec.

Think your car is tuned so you don't need to bother with a gauge like this? We had a customer a few years back who thought the same thing.  One day he was doing a full boost run in a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Turbo.  The car was heavily modified but it was also perfectly tuned.  However, that night his wastegate had a problem and made his turbo build too much boost.  Before he realized it, the increase in boost leaned out the motor and caused catastrophic damage.  Had he been able to monitor his air fuel level with a wideband gauge like the AEM UEGO he would likely have caught the problem and let off the gas before anything happened.  Considering the price of the gauge and the price of a new engine, we recommend the AEM UEGO even more.  Wideband's are much more accurate than standard air fuel gauge, and AEM uses the best components like a Bosch sensor to ensure accurate results.  AEM UEGO gauges are highly recommended.

AEM Wideband Gauge (UEGO) AEM 30-4100
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