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Royal Purple Synthetic Engine Motor Oil (5W20) 01520

Royal Purple Synthetic Engine Motor Oil (5W20) 01520
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Availability: In Stock
Part Number: 01520
Condition: New w/ Manufacture's Warranty
Manufacturer: Royal Purple
Warranty: Authorized Dealer
Royal Purple

Royal Purple Synthetic Engine Motor Oil (5W20) 01520

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil is proven to deliver superior performance over conventional motor oils, synthetic blends, and other full synthetic motor oils.  Royal Purple is recommended for use in all gasoline engines, and 2 or 4 cycle diesel engines.  Royal Purple engine oil is so advanced and lubricates so well, that it even increases horsepower! What other engine oil can claim, and prove on a dyno, that the engine actually produces more power when using Royal Purple? 

Royal Purple is able to increase engine power by simply reducing the amount of friction on your motor and lowering engine temperatures.  When engine temperatures are lowered, and amount of friction reduced, the engine is more efficient, which creates more power, improves fuel economy, reduces emissions and extends it's own oil life!  

Royal Purple is fully API approved, and will not harm engine seals.  It's advanced formula reduces engine wear, for both the cylinder walls, engine piston rings, and bearings.  The big advantage with Royal Purple is that it creates a film that coats the inside of your engine.  This coating remains until the next time the engine is started, which greatly reduces engine start up wear.

Royal Purple is a fully synthetic motor oil.   This 5w20 weight is multi grade, and recommended in applications that call for 5w20 weight oil.  You will also not need to worry when changing your oil to Royal Purple because it's fully compatible with other oils, so no special procedure is required when switching to Royal Purple Full Synthetic 5w20 oil.  

We recommend using Royal Purple from the start.  However, for brand new cars, we would recommend waiting 2000 miles on gas engines, and 10,000 miles on diesel engines until you make the switch.    This is because many manufactures use special engine break in oil that is specially formulated to ensure that specific engine has the proper break in.  

You do not need, and we do not recommend to use any oil additives along with your 5w20 Royal Purple Oil.  Royal Purple already comes with it's unique and special blend of additives.

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