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Authorized Dealer

Authorized Dealer

Buying from an authorized dealer ensures your warranty with the manufacture is valid.  Authorized dealers are recognized by the manufacture as dealers that follow best sales practices and sell parts with accurate information and pricing.  Authorized Dealers meet all manufacture standars when representing their products, from sales to service in order to receive the Authorized Dealer status.

Manufactures honor warranties when you purchase your products only from Authorized Dealers.  Since there are products out there that are copies or fakes, as many times found on Ebay, manufactures run into the problem of fighting online fraud.  Due to this, they only sell their products through a network of authorized dealers to ensure their products are propertly presented.

We sell only authentic and genuine products! You will not find any copies or fakes on our site.

Protect yourself from possible complications by purchasing your parts only from an authorized dealer.  APtuned is an authorized dealer for all of the parts we sell.  If there happens to be a brand that we are not authorized for, we only purchase the part from a Master Distributor who is authorized, to pass along the warranty to you.  In most cases, we are direct with the manufacture.

Buy from APtuned and save yourself from buying from the middle man!

Buying from an Authorized Dealer also ensures the manufacture will provide you support and service post sale if any questions come up with warranty, install or service.