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Corvette C6R Clone – Z06 Katech 427

Ever wanted to own your own Corvette C6R but didn't have a ton of cash? No problem... get a standard Corvette Z06, yank the stock motor, and throw in a full race Katech 427. On Street tune this car throws down 600 rear wheel horsepower.

Now don't get me wrong... this car is awesome, and sounds great. Katech builds great engines. However, 600 rwhp? Do you really need a Katech motor to make 600rwhp on a Z06? Why not just throw on some long tube headers, a cam, and some other little mods, and you can get close to that number for much much less.

The owner of this car described the car as having "every mod possible". That's awesome, but I'd like to know what kind of numbers this C6R clone makes on race trim.

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